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Quick Guide to Creating Your Tribe

Tribes have been around for centuries and we know why – because they are f/cking awesome. Tribes are a group of like-minded individuals who share similar set of beliefs and values. They also serve as a strong support network who cheer you on when you’re absolutely crushing it and who re-energize you when you’re running on fumes. Said another way, they got your back and you have theirs. Period. So, how can you cultivate a tribe of your own? Here are three easy tips for the taking.   Get Your Brand Right If you’ve found yourself always caught up in workplace drama or talking poorly about your job or colleagues you may find that you’re not attracting the right squad....

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What is Quick Wit?

Hello! Welcome to Quick Wit, our micro blog focused around what we’re seeing, reading or hearing relative to leadership, authentic connections and how you bring yourself to work. Each month, we'll post a short and sweet snippet giving you the rundown and linking you to content where you can find out more. We’ll also be sharing news around upcoming product releases as well as behind the scene sneak peaks! Sign up to join our e-mail list today to get all the deets on future posts, updates and flash sales. xoxo, Stephanie & Michelle

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